Sponsor Listkeeper Description

Sponsor Listkeeper

  • 6 month term
  • 1 year sobriety
  • 6 months membership in GROW
  • Must be member of Business List.
  • Maintains a list of group members who are willing to sponsor online, including: first name, last initial, DOS, email address, location of residence.
  • Twice each month sends reminders to the group that the list is available upon request.
  • Forwards sponsor list to members when requested.
  • At least once each month, mails sponsor list to the group (see Sponsor List Announcement form letter). May want to resend if someone on the list drops out mid-month.
  • Each month, invites GROW members to volunteer to be online sponsors (see Sponsor List Invitation form letter).
  • Each month, verifies that each woman on the list of available online sponsors want to continue to serve as a temporary or permanent sponsor (see Sponsor List Confirmation form letter).
  • The Sponsor Listkeeper will work with the Temporary Mentor to assure that newcomers who want a sponsor are assigned a temporary sponsor.
  • Common duties and requirements to all Trusted Servant positions is described here.
  • Wording for letter commonly used is provided in the link below: