Greeter Description

Greeter (2 positions)

  • 1 year term
  • 1 year sobriety
  • 1 year membership in GROW
  • Must be member of Business List.
  • Checks e-mail several times a day for Listkeepers’ notice about inquiries from potential members.
  • Sends initial response to potential new member, using Greeter Letter #1 as approved by group conscience.
  • Keeps track of inquiries.
  • After receiving appropriate response (sometimes need to clarify Third Tradition adherence or being female) sends to Listkeeper to subscribe them to the list.
  • After receiving confirmation from listkeeper that the subscription has been accepted, sends Greeter Letter #2, as approved by group conscience, to the new member.
  • Sends announcement to the group introducing new member to the group. (Place in subject line: New Member <email address>)
  • Sends copy of current Weekly Topic to new members as they join.
  • Responds to questions from new members regarding the group.
  • Works closely with Listkeeper.
  • Common duties and requirements to all Trusted Servant positions is described here.
  • Wording for letters commonly used are provided in the links below: