Grapevine Rep Description

Grapevine Representative

  • 1 year term
  • 1 year sobriety
  • 1 year membership in GROW
  • Must be member of Business List.
  • Member of Steering Committee.
  • The GVR will inform the group of the topic presented in that month’s Grapevine.
  • Sends a form letter to the membership which shares the tools of the Grapevine both print and online.
  • Either as part of the Grapevine Form Letter or in a separate message to GROW members, the GVR will share a link to the Grapevine Calendar of Events (at
  • The GVR will receive a 1-year subscription to the Grapevine (print and online) paid for by the GROW Treasurer.
  • Common duties and requirements to all Trusted Servant positions is described here.
  • Wording for letter commonly used is provided in the link below: