Web Admin Description

Web Admin

  • 1-year term
  • 4 years sobriety
  • 4 years GROW membership
  • Served a full term as Web-keeper of the GROW website
  • Member of Business List
  • Voting member of the Steering Committee
  • Maintain GROW Server PLESK account
  • Maintain a periodic backup of the GROW database
  • Maintain GROW website updates (WordPress, theme and plugins)
  • Inform Steering Committee when updates are made to the website
  • Consult with Steering Committee before making substantial design or content changes to GROW website
  • Support Web-keeper and Backup Web-keeper on WordPress site issues
  • Provide Web-keeper and Backup Web-keeper with all necessary information and passwords to access all web accounts and web server
  • Provide the Web-keeper’s email address to the web hosting service and designate her as co-owner
  • As owner of the g-r-o-w web account, help ensure that the annual service fee is paid. If necessary, provide copies of invoice/receipt to GROW Treasurer for reimbursement
  • Upon retirement, transfer website account to successor, provide successor with all necessary information, including job guidelines, and serve as a mentor for a period of time to ensure continuity of service.
  • Common duties and requirements to all Trusted Servant positions is described here.