1022 – Proposal 1: 12th Step Volunteer Listkeeper Position Description

Proposal 1: Edit the position description for the 12th Step Volunteer Listkeeper to assure that notices of “12th Step Calls” go out to the volunteers within 48 hours that a message is received by GROW.

Rationale: GROW did not set a standard for the amount of time that passes before the Listkeeper sends out a notice to the women who’ve volunteered to offer their support to members who are struggling. Since the position was established, the amount of time for notices (subject: “12th Step Call”) to go to the volunteers has varied significantly. This proposal would establish formally GROW’s expectation these notices be sent as soon as possible after the message they’re responding to was sent to the mailing list.

Recommended Language: Edit the seventh bullet in the 12th Step Volunteer Listkeeper’s position description as shown below:

  • Forwards those letters to the 12th Step CommitteeVolunteers within 48 hours after the subject message appeared in GROW.

Summary of Comments

Summary of Comments

Seven participants commented on the proposal to amend the 12th Step Volunteer Listkeeper’s [Listkeeper] position description. The change would add the expectation that the Listkeeper send the “12th Step Call” notices within 48 hours after the message was posted on GROW’s mailing list.

All of the participants supported the proposal. One thought it would be reasonable to extend the 48-hour timeframe to 72 hours. Another suggested that the 12th Step Volunteers should be asked to respond within 12 hours of receiving the notice. The Chair pointed out that we do not ask the volunteers to report back that they’ve responded and there is no way for the Listkeeper to check it, pointing out that we trust the volunteers to follow-through timely. Another participant felt that the 48-hour expectation be a suggestion rather than a requirement and that we should not specify a timeframe for the volunteers. She pointed to the danger of micromanaging our Trusted Servants, reminding us that we assume our Trusted Servants do their jobs to the best of their ability.

During the second 3-day session, we will vote on this proposal.

Also during the second 3-day session, we will consider three more proposals:

  • Proposal 4: 2024 International Women’s Conference
  • Proposal 5: Secretary’s Duties
  • Proposal 6: Business Meeting Chair’s Duties

I will also send out a discussion document addressing alternatives for addressing GROW’s continuing vacancies in Trusted Servant positions. You will be asked to review the document and provide your opinions and ideas on possible options for handling Trusted Servant vacancies in the longer term.

You can review all documents that have been published to the Business Meeting on GROW’s website at Business Meetings – GROW (g-r-o-w.com). Remember that the password to enter the Members’ section is sobertodayhow2484.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

danna M
GROW Business Meeting Chair

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