1022 – Proposal 2: Business Meeting Chair Position Description

Proposal 2: Amend the position description for the Business Meeting Chair to add working with the Webkeeper to assure meeting materials are posted to the website as soon as possible.

Rationale: Business Meeting Chairs have always worked with the Webkeeper, providing documents that include anything related to Proposals, Trusted Servant reports, and lists of Group Conscience Decisions. However, this important function is not addressed in the current position description.

Recommended Language:

Amend the tenth bullet in the Business Meeting Chair position description:

  • Work closely with other trusted servants, especially the Secretary and Webkeeper.

Add a new twelfth bullet as shown below:

  • Work closely with the Webkeeper to assure meeting documents are posted to the website as quickly as possible. Give the Webkeeper documents that include:
    • all reports and proposals, Minutes, and Summary documents
    • Summaries for each phase for Proposals (discussion, voting, and final outcome (is or is not adopted as a Group Conscience Decision).

Summary of Comments
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Summary of Comments

Three participants made four comments on this proposal that adds recognition of the need for the Business Chair to work closely with the Webkeeper to see that the information about the business meeting is posted accurately and timely. All of the comments supported the proposal, agreeing that it is important that the position description should be accurate and thorough. One woman asked if it might not be wise to include a more specific timeframe than “as quickly as possible.” Another responded that the current situation does not call for a deadline and that if it should become necessary, we can address it at that time.

During the second 3-day session, we will vote on this proposal.

Also during the second 3-day session, we will consider three more proposals:

  • Proposal 4: 2024 International Women’s Conference
  • Proposal 5: Secretary’s Duties
  • Proposal 6: Business Meeting Chair’s Duties

I will also send out a discussion document addressing alternatives for addressing GROW’s continuing vacancies in Trusted Servant positions. You will be asked to review the document and provide your opinions and ideas on possible options for handling Trusted Servant vacancies in the longer term.

You can review all documents that have been published to the Business Meeting on GROW’s website at Business Meetings – GROW (g-r-o-w.com). Remember that the password to enter the Members’ section is sobertodayhow2484.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

danna M
GROW Business Meeting Chair

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