Feb 14: Saying Goodbye

I’m writing tonight on my second sobriety birthday, on the eve of a big move to make the United States my home for the first time in 5 years. This is the first time I’m saying goodbyes, fully feeling the grief and hope that come with them.

I’m making this move because I realized this past year that I need to start standing on my own two feet. For the first time though, I’m not just doing a cut and run, hiding from people and consequences. I slowly considered possibilities and outcomes. I moved towards what felt honest and right, decisions that felt like they flowed instead of fought my life river.

Then it took a lot of conversations with my sponsor, chats with other sober women/close friends/family members, prayer and meditation to finally make the decisions to end my relationship of 6 years, leave a career and lifestyle I’ve been pursuing and move home to get grounded. With this move I’m also having to say goodbye to my beloved dogs.

The grief is real. Closing the door on all of this is heartbreaking. However, the hope I feel for a stable and safe life is substantial. I can feel that I’m making the right decisions even through this pain. I can only describe this feeling as a warm confidence which grows with the fact that things are falling into place as I lean into the move. It feels like I’m finally cleaning up chaotic, drunk Sarah’s life and am learning to be an adult. A lot of painful goodbyes as I step into stability.

I’m doing my best to be present with people as I say these goodbyes. To laugh and play and enjoy the time we have left. To allow myself to share the pain I feel and cry when I need it. To really listen to the feelings of others. To be sincere in saying I love you or I’ll miss you.

It’s hard and different for this selfish alcoholic, but good and necessary.

So with that, I would love to hear from you all with much more experience than I on how you have moved gracefully through your own goodbyes.

Thank you for letting me share and the meeting is now open!

Big hugs,

Sarah M