September 26: Remaining Teachable

Hi everyone.

Taylor here… yep, still a drunk.

Welcome to those of you who are new in sobriety. I hope you hear something that makes you want to be here, and if not, I hope you stay til you do. It’s all one little step at a time.

Congratulations 🎉 to all who’ve recently celebrated milestones ~ big or little ~ it’s awesome to hear and  share. Let’s us all know of the possibilities within AA and ourselves.   Gives us all hope!

Much gratitude and blessings to all of you and yay for me – y’all help me stay sober and out of my head, cause I’m tuning in to yours. I love all of your sharing.

And a massive shout-out to my God and Goddess…. without them I wouldn’t be living, literally or figuratively.  One of the best gifts of being and staying sober is the gift of really living life.

With all its bumps and bungles – I am fully present ~ every single day.

I get the little gifts by doing so – noticing the seasons changing, enjoying kitty kisses, sharing in conversation with a friend, working on all of my relationships so I honor and continue in them.

So many gifts.

My sobriety date is September 28, 2004 ~ which means I get the gift of celebration of 17 years (in a couple days) of being clean and sober ~ continuously, no matter what.  Woohoo 🥳!!

Much thankfulness on that front as well. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this on my own.

Another gift I get and choose to open every day is remaining teachable.

Keeping my ego in check, remaining right-sized.

I stay in learning mode by doing things like asking what my Gods’ will is ~ as opposed to mine,

really listening, staying in gratitude mode (and if not finding it!),

saying I don’t know, and then asking for help!,

putting others first, admitting when I’m wrong,

being of service, literally working at learning something new every day

and practicing pause and pray before doing anything else.

For I am just a cog in this great big wheel.  A small portion of we.

All of this fantastical-ness is not perfect, and comes with daily and earnest practice.

Just like in the very beginning. This girl keeps it real with the basics.

One little step at a time.

Thanks for letting me share and be of service.

Faith n Hope 💝