Apr 02: Willingness


Hello, women of GROW!

I recently made my last outstanding amend. Most of my 9th Step amends I made quickly. This one took 4 years. What it boiled down to was my lack of willingness.

Step 8 reminds me that willingness precedes action. I was anxious to do this amend, but I still had anger. I was not 100% focused on my part.

Then, the person came to town. And I realized I was no longer interested in her part. I was interested in behaving in a way I could be proud of. Which, in this case, meant apologizing for being a jerk.

I was willing to do something uncomfortable in the interest of growing as a person.

Willingness to act, even when I feel fear, has been one of the biggest changes I have experienced since getting sober.

Now I am more willing to try new things, to make mistakes. When I am willing I open myself to my HP’s will for me. In fact, willingness led me to my HP!

Taking the first Step was the beginning of this journey.

I’d love to hear about your experience of willingness in sobriety or anything else that is happening in your program this week.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service.