Apr 12: Gifts of Sobriety aka The Promises

Topic for the week: Gifts of Sobriety aka The Promises

Next week by the Grace of God I will celebrate 10 years of sobriety one day at a time!  Where has the time gone?  
Today is the one year anniversary of the death of my Dad.  I remember when I told him I was going to AA, he broke down and cried.  When I did my amends with him, we both cried.  I was blessed to have had a wonderful father.  Because I was sober, I was able to show up and care for him in his final years/hours of life. As God would have it, my sponsor was with me when my father took his last breathe…and we both cried.  Thank you God!
Today I am a sober mother, daughter, sister, friend and my granddaughter never has to see me drunk!
I could not have done this without God and the Fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous!
I am truly grateful to know a new freedom and a new happiness!
Please feel free to share on this topic or anything that may pertain to alcohol.
Love to you all,
Statia 4/15/10
Upstate NY