Apr 18: Carrying The Message

Thank you all for your anniversary well wishes…by God’s grace I’ve been sober for 11 years…one day at a time!

Looking back, I can remember in my first year of sobriety getting a coin each month I stayed sober. It was so exciting for me…my heart would start racing as the person at the meeting would call out months of sobriety and I would jump up eager to receive my coin. I still have most of my 1st year coins..I’ve passed some on to sponsees.

If no one opened the meeting the first time I stepped into Alcoholics Anonymous, if my sponsor did not agree to take me through the steps, if Bill Wilson decided not to get sober, if my Higher Power had a different plan for me…my story would be quite different to say the least. Currently, I open my home group, a women’s face to face on Sunday nights (we just reopened last week). I’ve been honored to serve as the corrections committee chair for our district as well as on a couple conference committees. With COVID it’s been challenging to carry the message. How do you carry the message to others and what changes have you made during the pandemic to ensure the message continues to be carried?

Thank you all for keeping me sober!

Love and gratitude,