Apr 19: Life On Life’s Terms

Life On Life’s Terms

I have been trying to think of a topic for a month now, but this seems to cover it for me today. My dad has been diagnosed with cancer that appears to be in every organ and, today is the 6th anniversary of the death of my children’s father. So this week has not only been a celebration, it has been one of stress, sadness, anxiety and most certainly powerlessness.

I am so grateful that today, I have the tools from this program to deal with, accept and live life as it happens and I don’t have to drink or pretend to be GOD! LOL When I talked to my Dad (he is in Florida but enroute home, hooray!!!), he said he’s taking it “ONE DAY AT A TIME”!!! He’s not even in the program! LOL Life happens, and I am truly grateful that I am sober and able to be present today!