Apr 28: HOW


There are a lot of acronyms in the program of AA. One that has been significant to me is HOW. HOW— Honest, Open, and Willing. When I was drinking, I was dishonest, closed to suggestions, and unwilling to make changes in my life. I thought everyone else was the problem—they caused me to drink. The whole idea of being honest scared me to the core. I was afraid if people found out who I was they wouldn’t like me. When I heard that HOW was a way to live I didn’t think I could do it. It was daunting. My sponsor suggested that I pray to become willing– willing to be open and willing to be honest. That’s what I did. That was and still is a scary prayer…”God help me be willing to work these steps, willing to take suggestions, willing to humble myself, willing to be vulnerable. I would love to hear your thoughts on honesty, openness and willingness.
Thanks for letting me chair.

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