Aug 07: Staying in the Solution

Staying in the Solution

When I was newly sober there was lots of talk about relapse, the alcoholic mind, being stuck, and that alcoholism continues to progress even without the drink. I would get scared hearing some of this, and I talked to my sponsor about it.

While she had a healthy respect for the disease, she always focused on the solution and she taught me to do that too. She believed the disease progresses without drinking, but that recovery is also progressive, and that I could become a positive presence with friends, family and at work. I started to concentrate on that, and the fear started to diminish.

At the end of the month, I am going on a 10-day silent retreat. As it gets closer, I find that I am a bit fearful. I’m not sure what the fear is, but I am asking God to remove it and trying to stay in today.

For a topic please share about staying in the solution, living in today, and/or how you deal with fear