Aug 11: The Set Aside Prayer

The Set Aside Prayer

Hi Ladies,

My name is Nydia and I am an alcoholic. I am still humbled when I see newcomers change – they are the bright spot of my life (Big Book, p.89). I recently had one of them ask me “how do I get there?” and I thought, what’s ‘there’? And ‘there’ was basically some Utopian thought of bliss where everything works like clockwork, the family, the relationship, the money, the house, the new fad diet.

I said to her, I will get ‘there’ when I am dead. Because as long as I am alive there will always be something new to uncover, discover and sometimes discard. I am also always receiving new experiences, gifts, freedoms.

I will leave you with the Set Aside Prayer which has been such a joy to say these past few months. It reminds me, there is no graduation and to continue to let go of what I think I know…


Please help me set aside everything I think I know about myself, my disease, the 12 steps, and especially You; So I may have an open mind and a new experience about myself, my disease, the 12 steps and especially You.

(Drawn from instructions in the Big Book, p.46-48)

I look forward to hearing your experience, strength and hope on setting aside what you think you know in recovery.