Aug 26: AA Literature

AA Literature

Hello ladies of GROW, my name is Allison M and I am an alcoholic. I’ll admit to being hooked on our wonderful array of AA literature! Who else here is a fan of it?

My first impression of the first 164 pages of our Big Book was that it was frumpy, outdated and chauvinistic. But it didn’t take long to uncover the gems scattered in the pages, and I actually now enjoy re-reading certain passages that always seem to calm me down or help me find an answer to almost any problem that weighs on me. Do you have a favorite passage?

And what about the stories from the Big Book? My go-to is “Freedom from Bondage” on page 544 of the 4th edition. I identify so strongly with this story that the first time I read it, I briefly wondered if I had written it during a blackout and forgotten! I have found some amazing stories in Experience, Strength and Hope, a collection of stories from earlier editions of the Big Book that have been retired to make room for new stories. It’s amazing to see how we members have grown and evolved in the program through the decades. Again and again I go back to “The Professor and the Paradox” and “Stars Don’t Fall” from previous editions and continue to be moved by them. What are some of your favorite stories from the Big Book, any edition?

I’ve recently been tearing through the AA Grapevine books, compilations of Grapevine stories relating to specific categories like step work, sponsorship, and emotional sobriety. It’s like having a topic meeting on demand! Is there a Grapevine story that has stuck with you over time?

There are some great memoirs written by women who are living sober in AA. They aren’t technically AA literature, but I have read some incredibly moving and motivating stories that have given me fresh energy and insight into living a fulfilling sober life.

I look forward to hearing your favorites from the wide selection of AA literature we have to choose from, or about what is affecting your sobriety today!