Aug 28: Attraction Not Promotion

Attraction Not Promotion

I attend four meetings a week, three face-to-face and one online. Two are literature meetings, and two are topic discussions. I hear approximately 60 people per week sharing their experience, strength, and hope with me. There are some that preach the program, and I find them hard to listen to. It is difficult for me to relate because they aren’t sharing how they personally worked what they are talking about. I start to lose interest and feel bored. It reminds me of why I couldn’t understand algebra in high school. I just couldn’t relate or see how it would work in my life. Give me a share where someone relates an experience, and how they used the steps to grow and live through it, and I dive right in. My attention is captured. I have always heard AA is a program of attraction, and it’s here for those who need it, but only those that want it … get it.

The other aspect of someone sharing, in a general way, of what it was like, what happened, and what it’s like now, is that I get to know them.

In cyberspace, I read shares. I can’t see you, I don’t know what you look like, what physical ailments you may have or not, whether you’re young or old. I only have what you say, and how sane it is sounding to me. I have learned to have a different level of discernment here in cyberspace than I do in a face-to-face where I can see a person and know right away by the disheveled look to take what they say with caution. AA taught me to take what I need and leave the rest. The Traditions also taught me that I am fully self-supporting declining outside contributions. My sponsor taught me to apply that in ALL areas of my life, emotional and intellectual as well as financial.

Let me wrap this up, dear ladies. I am looking forward to reading about the missteps of taking blind faith and placing too much power in one person or how different sharing styles have affected your sobriety. Please share on the idea that inspires you. And if there is something you need to bring to the tables, please feel free to share that, too.

Thank you for this opportunity of service.