August 6: Step Eight

Topic for the week: Step 8

We are all invited to share on Step 8. The steps are our blueprint for living sober lives.

*** Step 8 ***
“Made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.”

This step is listed in Chapter 5, How it Works, from the book, Alcoholics Anonymous (affectionately known as the Big Book) (see p. 59). There’s more in Chapter 6 (Into Action), starting in the middle of page 76. There’s even more about it in the book, Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions.

Theresa, alcoholic, the first time I did step 8 I was handicapped as I had burned my fourth step. If I had kept my 4th step I could just go off that to make my list of persons I had harmed. I have since warned sponsees to keep their fourth as it comes in handy down the road.

When I thought back to my fourth and was able to make a list of those I had harmed. The ones I forgot, I dealt with as they came up. My sponsor told me to put my name on the top of the list, and when I did that it required a lot of soul searching to come to terms with my actions. By seeing my character defects I realised that a living amends was my only course of action. To be a little nicer to myself was a good start.

Making a list is not so hard, becoming willing is the key to most of the steps for me. Then honesty about my part in each situation, and then openness.

The meeting is now open and I look forward to you shares.

*** Where to get the books, Alcoholics Anonymous and Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions ***

You can find these books at many f2f AA meetings; you can order them online from many places. And they are available from the AA General Service office, to read online, in English, French, and Spanish. See