Dec 11: Staying Sober…No Matter What

Staying Sober…No Matter What

Sorry Ladies for getting this out a bit late today…I’m Jennifer and I’m a women in long term recovery. I would like to send congrats to all of our celebrants past and present…and welcome all the newcomers both coming here for the first time and those joining us. I am not an active participant in sharing, however, I am active in reading. Due to health challenges, it’s difficult a lot of times to type. With that being said, I like to be of service when I can so thank you for the honor.

I have been going through a lot of changes. I have, as I mentioned, health challenges which are ever changing and apparently progressive. I never know what the day will bring until I am able to get up for the morning. Some days it’s like I don’t have many limitations, other days, like today, I’m unable to do much of anything.

The good news today is, I don’t have to drink over it. No matter what. The program has afforded me some very rich tools in the form of having a sponsor, a network, the steps, trads, slogans, meetings and most importantly, a connection to something greater then myself which I choose to call HP (Higher Power).

A few things have helped me stay sober during my challenging times. Learning about having and living “A New Normal”. This is where I look at what I am able to to, rather then what I’m not able to do and live within those parameters with gratitude and acceptance. When I am in acceptance of these changes, then they become “normal…or my new normal” and I don’t have to live in anger or contentment. Like when I first got sober…old normal was to drink over my emotions. My new normal became using the 12 steps and tools of the program to not drink over my emotions.

My dear friend Claudia, who recently passed away (natural causes and sober) use to say, “take it one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minutue at a time (and she would add) one breath at a time”. We would say to each other, (ODAT–OHAT–OMAT–OBAT) and “Just Breath”..that I can do!! She also had one other saying…when she would be in her “stuff” she would say, “Ok, I’m done being on the pity pot, time to flush”!! I love that!! I try not to stay on too long these days, and by coming to a meeting or sharing with another alcoholic, I can then flush a lot quicker then in early sobriety…I use to have to pry myself off the potty, smiles. Today I chose to not sit too long.

So, this is totally not anywhere near what I was going to chair about I think for a topic…and since the holidays are approaching and times can be challenging…I’d like to throw out there a topic of :: “Staying sober..No Matter What”…how do you do that today?

Thanks for letting me be of service…If this topic does not resinate with you, please share from your heart anything that is AA 12 step related that resinates with you today. Blessings and in service, Jennifer