Dec 15: Relationships with Others

Relationships with Others

So many amazing things have happened and continue to happen in sobriety – as long as I work for it. That means working the steps with my sponsor and embracing the principles of the program in all my affairs as well as incorporating the tools we are taught to live by and with – meetings, readings, prayer, meditation, being of service to others and more. I continue to learn to be a friend both online and face to face. I isolated for most of my life, even before drinking so learning to feel real comfort around others and be the real me and share me openly and with love is a work in progress.

From pg 327, 4th edition:

“The real rewards aren’t material in nature. I have friends now because I know how to nurture and encourage valuable friendships … And, most importantly, I know who I am … I am so grateful that my Higher Power stepped in to show me the way to the truth. I pray every day that I never turn my back on it. I came to AA in order to stop drinking, what I received in return was my life.”

For our topic, I am suggesting relationships, inside and outside of the rooms and what those were like and what they are like today. For me, I hated myself and distrusted others, everyone, while drinking. Today, I am a work in progress about being in relationship, whether family or friends, and so very grateful to have tools to reach out as well as let people in today.