December 17: Listen, Share and Pray

Topic for the week:  Listen, Share and Pray

Thank you for allowing me to be of service. My name is Teresa S., I am a grateful recovering alcoholic. I am grateful for the GROW community of women who continue to support each other in our journey to, in and through recovery of the disease of alcoholism.

My life began to change the day I came to my first meeting of AA on December 21,1993. It was my mother’s birthday and right before the holidays. If I had it my way, I would have waited until after the fun drinking holidays!  Little did I know then, there was a HP taking care of me and running the show, I thought I was in charge of.

For almost 30 years, I have not taken a drink and yet, I did not have serenity or peace. I was not living happy, joyous and free. Most of the promises of each step had not become a reality in my life. I was sober, yes, free from alcohol but not free from the real disease and its symptoms: fears, ego, anger, resentments and self centeredness and self pity. I did not have contact with a HP/God.

The topic I chose for this week “Listen, Share and Pray” comes from the AA Daily Reflection on 12.21. my AA birthday. I believe my HP, who I call God most of the time, leads me to messages like this one.  I have been transformed and I can honestly say, I know what peace and serenity feel like today. I live a life of joy and gratitude and I am free from the obsessions, the self- centeredness, self-pity and the resentments that kept me sick, even without alcohol.

Over the years and most recently, working the steps again with a new sponsor, I have re-learned how to “Listen, Share and Pray” in new ways.  These are the three things that have brought me back to life, the life that my HP created me to live. I am becoming the person God knows.

Is my sober life free from pain, sadness, frustrations, disappointments and even anger and resentment?  NO WAY!  I am living in difficult times, my granddaughter is in the hospital, my husband and I are in marriage counseling healing our broken marriage of 21 years, I see people almost daily who have betrayed me…and on and on as life is life.

The difference now from then is that I know there is nobody or situation that can take away what God has given me. Today, I can listen and learn, listen to my HP/God, listen to my sponsor, listen to life’s lessons and listen to the shares of my fellow AA members.  I can share honestly and openly my own experiences, strength, weakness and hope. Finally, I can pray directly to my HP/God, my prayers are real conversations from my heart and soul to God. I can pray for you, for me, for my family, my dear granddaughter, my kids, my friends, my sponsor and sponsee…and the most amazing thing…I can pray for the people who hurt me! I am willinging to change. “Bless them, change me”

If you are new or “old”, trying to get and stay sober, or want to feel peace and joy in the midst of life’s craziness, I highly recommend and suggest: “Stop drinking, go to meetings, get a sponsor, work the steps, (you will meet your HP) help another alcoholic.” Learn how to and practice “Listening, Sharing and Praying” 

Thank you for allowing me to lead this week. I am looking forward to reading about what you learn when you listen, share and pray. How have these actions helped you in your personal recovery?

With sisterly love,

Teresa S.