December 4: Celebrating in Recovery

Topic for the week: Celebrating in Sobriety

I chose this topic for several reasons. It’s the holiday season and this Friday, December 9th, will be my belly button bday which will be my 30th sober bday.

Before I got sober,  celebrating with booze was the highlight of my month.  Bday, Hanukkah, Christmas- I celebrated it all,  any excuse.

Early sobriety was tough because of the muscle memory of alcohol use.  But as I learned that I could celebrate sober and how much more fun it was to remember the party and wake up not hung over,  it got easier.

Today,  I love to celebrate with friends and having parties full of good food and fun games and regular old punch or soda. I have a plan of escape if I need to leave an uncomfy situation. I have phone numbers to call if I feel squiggly. I bookend AA meetings before and after if need be.  I have a tool kit I can pull from.

How do you celebrate/plan to celebrate the holidays in sobriety and what’s in your tool box to ensure having fun and safe guarding your continued sobriety?

Thanks for letting me be of service–