Feb 17: Terminally Unique

Terminally Unique

What a great time of year for this alcoholic, remembering my first days in this awesome program and being so grateful for all those who helped me so much.

One thing that comes to mind is being gently told & sometimes not so gently that I was not unique. If I wished to be “terminally unique” the chances of my drinking again were darn near 100%.

Terminally unique is an alcoholic’s idea that their “uniqueness” exempts them from some part of the AA program or the Twelve Steps. AA does not deny that each individual is a unique creation. However, as alcoholics we have far more similarities than we have differences. It is unwise to focus on the differences. There is an expression sometimes heard in AA which seems appropriate, “Always remember that you are unique — just like everyone else.”

This was an important lesson for this alcoholic that I try to keep fresh in my mind. When I say yada yada but…….then I know I need a refresher course and / or a kick in the butt on being honest!

I would love to hear how all of you have approached “being unique.”