Feb 19: Dealing with Feelings

Dealing with Feelings

I would like to propose the topic of dealing with feelings. How have you dealt with feelings of loss and sadness? I sometimes have a feeling of sadness overcome me out of the blue and it doesn’t always seem to have a reason; just a general feeling. I am often at a loss for dealing with this and would like suggestions about how others handle this. The feelings usually pass but I wonder if sometimes my thoughts are causing this.

For example, one day as I was driving I was overcome by a really sad feeling and when I tuned into my thoughts, it seemed that I was telling myself something mean and self-critical every 20 seconds or so. I caught myself in the act.

I realized that my thoughts were causing my feelings. At that point, I became fed up with my thoughts and repeated over and over to myself “No Depression!” This seemed to stop the thoughts and the feelings of sadness.

So for me, I need to keep a strict eye on my thoughts and try to catch my stinking thinking before it turns to negative feelings which could lead to drinking. Sometimes, I just accept my feelings as unchangeable when in fact, if I examine the thought behind the feelings, it seems that I can change the thought and that changes the feeling. Other times, I just need to feel the feeling and go through it to the other side.

Please share with us how you deal with negative feelings in your life. Or feel free to share whatever is on your mind this week.