Feb 21: AA during Covid-19

Good Afternoon all dear GROW members, my name is Nancy C & I am an alcoholic. We are currently in the midst of a snow storm so I’m sending this early in case my power goes off!!

 The past year has been unlike any we have ever experienced before. AA Meetings postponed when we needed them the most. Many losing jobs & homes and having friends & family sick and dying has been such a terrible experience.

 I got sober 24 years ago on another AA Women’s email group & wow, I’m so glad that I have always had online AA , especially now! I have attended some AA Zoom Meetings and connect with my AA friends by phone, text, email & zoom. We are fortunate to have these connections.

 I live alone and have turned into pretty much a hermit, but….a safe hermit, who uses the connections I have to keep in touch & check on others safely.

 I would like to hear how you have made out this year, do you use zoom, do you use online email groups more, do you miss hugs (I sure do!!) It should be interesting to see how we are all coping with COVID-19

 Or share on what may be bothering you at this time.

 Thank you for letting me Chair this week,

Tight AA Hugs

Nancy C