Jan 06: Your Go-to Mantra

Your Go-to Mantra

I am sober today by the grace of God and the fellowship of AA. There are so many things I am grateful for when it comes to AA and my sobriety. The people, the experience, the strength and the hope. Also the amazing literature out there, as well.

I am a mom, wife, daughter, sister, employee, coworker and friend among other things. I am also an alcoholic and try to carve out time to make three meetings a week, as well as my three online groups, too. When the moment strikes and my thinking goes sideways on me, I am not always able to carve out time to sit down and open the Big Book.

So, I am especially thankful that I can draw upon the many wonderful one liners, if you will, that have come from those in the program. Many I’ve heard from my sponsor. Some of my favorites include: “How important is it?” “Would you rather be right or happy?” And my personal favorite, she is a big Eagles fan and she says she “strives for that peaceful, easy feeling.” So I remind myself that I want that, too! It’s these simple thoughts that can bring a sense of calm over me in seconds flat!

It is so important to make the time to read, meditate and pray to your HP. But when you’re in a pinch, what are some of your “go to” mantra’s!?