Jan 16: One Day at a Time

One Day at a Time

Keep coming back it really works.

You are all probably wondering about my topic but this coming Tues. I will have 5 yrs of sobriety and it has alot to do with this AA quote or slogan, whatever you want to call it, that I have this straight sobriety. Last night I was at a meeting and there was 19 members at the table and out of all those members there was only 2 of us who had straight sobriety with no relapse. One gentleman just recently celebrated 55 yrs but when he came into the program he got 3 yrs and than relapsed. This seemed to be how all their stories started out as we were doing a 1st step for a guy.

In each of their shares they told how they quit praying in the morning, going too meetings, calling their sponsors and yadda yadda. I have, with God’s help, kept coming back to the program on a daily basis and I strongly believe that it is why it has worked for me. I have a huge fear (good fear) of relapse and so have been taught from around the tables that if I work this program and keep coming back and do not pick up that first drink or take the first sip that I will not relapse. This disease of alcoholism is very cunning, bafflling and powerful and so when I get up in the morning and (once in awhile forget) open up and talk to God first thing I have set my day of “one day at a time” and that is all it takes.

I am so blessed and grateful for my upcoming 5 yrs but know that I made it by just working this program “one day at a time” and “keep coming back” to it daily. Jean had or maybe even still has a quote “Sobriety is a gift of which the price to pay is eternal vigilance”.

Thank you for allowing me to chair this week and gals you can share on this topic or any topic you would like to. I am open to anything.