Jan 25: Second Thought and First Action

Second Thought and First Action

Recently I’ve had occasion to attend a speaker meeting on Saturday that is usually way too early for this still-working woman, and the last two times I came away with really wonderful new takes on old topics.

Yesterday’s take-away was the statement, “I’m responsible for my second thought and my first action.” That homed right into my little brain. I’ve religiously practiced “restraint of tongue, pen, and keyboard” since being introduced to the concept. In sobriety I learned that my first thought is usually a negative and judgmental one; plus it is almost always “wrong”. I joke that I have a corkscrew ear-canal so that when someone says “Good morning, Mari Ann!” by the time it reaches my brain it has become “Drop dead, Mari Ann and do it now!”

Sobriety has taught me to double-check what I think I hear, refrain from acting on it, and wait for sober thinking to kick in. I’ve resigned myself to having that alcoholic brain without chastising myself for it anymore but liked the new angle put on it by yesterday’s speaker. I am responsible for my second thought – and my first action. It is the best little description of living a sober life to me.

This new way of living a sober, conscious life, with considerations for others inherent in its actions, has not only saved my sobriety; it has also allowed me to save myself a lot of embarrassment at shooting from the lip, and the consequent 10th Step amends that caused. It makes my sober world a much kinder one than my pre-sober one. It enables me to live the principles of this program in all my affairs.

I am so grateful I get to go to meetings so I get to hear such practical wisdom – and continue growing in sobriety. Thank you for allowing me to chair this week. You have helped me stay sober today and I hope the notion that we are responsible for our second thought and first action is helpful to your sobriety.