Jan 27: The Family Afterward

The Family Afterward

I have 3 grown daughters, 26, 25, 23….amazing, brilliant, dear, kind, beautiful through and through young women. It says in Chapter 9 of the BB, pg 123, ” It will take time to clear away the wreck. Though old buildings will eventually be replaced by finer ones, the new structures will take years to complete.”

The girls needed to share about certain things from the past….not asking for anything from me except to listen. They asked about Step 9 and amends and we talked about that as well. They asked questions about AA and recovery in a way they never did before. We cried, I cringed some, they were fervent at times, well, all sorts of emotions. It felt like heaven and hell at varying times.

Having the girls (each in their own way) share what they needed to, feel what they needed to, was a miracle ladies, a miracle….yet another step in our healing as a family and in their healing as magnificent women.

Having a program that I work on a daily basis, a sponsor that I am extremely close with and work my program with, a strong relationship with HP, and strive to use a variety of our recovery tools one day at a time, (and all of this is what I was taught like all of us!), it was ok, more than ok….listening to others is a gift of this program as well and knowing that everyone has their own path to follow and it isn’t all about me. (whew!!) Healing is a verb and we were taking action as a family!