Jan 29: We Absolutely Insist on Enjoying Life

We Absolutely Insist on Enjoying Life

Hi I’m Jennifer, A women in long term recovery…and thank you Sherrie for allowing me to be of service to the group. I am a what seems to be a silent memeber, however, I read often and try to chair when I can. I would like to welcome all who are new to the group and all the newcomers, those returning to us and a big congrats to any all our celebrants!! I do a group thing…smiles.

When I took this opportunity to step up, I prayed for a topic, you see, this year has not been so kind to me thus far. I started it off with a vacation in the hospital for the first weekend of the month. Then came home to recovery from that only to have two major home appliances go on me at the same time (AC and Hot water heater), my new service puppy in training to become sick and although I have a spouse, he is not as supportive as I could use…so..It’s been extremely challenging…So you say, Jennifer, really you enjoying life?

Well, when I was new in recovery, about 18 mo in, I was dating a guy who loved the BB and he would go through my book and underline the parts he loved. On page 132, he said, “count down 17 lines from the top, and then from the bottom count up 17 lines. Ok, now count in two words from the right in, and then two words for the left in….what is right smack in the middle of this page?” So, I did this…low and behold, it said, “We absolutely insist on enjoying life”. Wow, right there in the middle of the page. And for some reason, that gave me hope. You see, from about 18 month til today, I have dealth with a lot of changes. I became very ill about 18 mo in recovery and have dealth with a lot of physical, spiritual, mental and health challenges along with significant losses. Through it all, I have not found it necessary to drink and I have found that in the moments that I am able to “move about the cabin” as I joke about being about to get out of the house to do errands or on a great day, go out to a party or something fun, I enjoy it to the fullest.

Sobriety didn’t equal no more fun or enjoying life, it actually was a beautiful beginning of sorts of how to deal with life on life’s terms and enjoy life without being drunk or numbing the situation. “We absolutely INSIST on ejoying life” and I do. Through it all, I really do. It could even be as simple as my puppy giving me her puppy eyes today or a puppy kiss, or mastering a task we are working on. My hubby when he is having a moment of support, bringing me roses just because he has realized I’m having a bad week (I got roses yesterday)…or being able to go to my friend’s 50th bday party at thier home, knowing that there will be drinking, and being able to be spiritually fit to bring my own drink (my drink of choice is coconut water, smiles) and sitting by their fire pit and it not being any of my buisness what others are doing (my hubby does not drink, he’s a normie but does not drink at all, so I have him there). Last night, I really enjoyed getting out and enjoying life. Especially after the heck I’ve been through this month.

I have one more hump to get over Tuesday, It’s the one year anniversary of when I had to place my heart dog, Haylee Jo, my service dog of 13.4 years to peace, and my heart still breaks everyday for her, however, I am sure I will not drink over it, and that she would want me to continue to enjoy life just as she did everyday of hers!!

So I would love to hear your ESH on what this means to you or anything else that is on your heart today. Again, thank you for allowing me to be of service, sorry if this was long….blessings