Jul 01: Miracle of AA

Miracle of AA

I sit here on the 7 year anniversary of my sobriety very grateful.and realizing how much a miracle it is that I got here at all! It is truly by the grace of God using the hand of AA that I am here. I did not think 7 years ago that I was worth a second, or really third, chance. In time I found out otherwise. There are lots of things AA has taught me while saving me at the same time.mostly from myself.

I grew up believing I could do anything I set my mind to. I did well in school and graduated high school with honors, as well as college. I saw teaching as my future and thought I would grow old doing it. I had it all planned out. Then, life happened.

First, I began having health problems. Mainly a nagging pain in my spine that made it tough to be standing for long periods of time.sitting wasn’t a peach either. At the same time I discovered the pastime of drinking. A boyfriend believed I needed to learn how to do it properly. I was a drunk from the start. But, a functioning one.so much so I hid it from everyone for a multitude of years. My life deteriorated and I could no longer teach. I began drinking in solitude and lived in misery. I was on pain killers and was Diabetic. Two things which meant I wasn’t supposed to drink a sip. I didn’t care. I had pain, emotional and physical, and I used booze to quiet it. It only sent my life deeper into oblivion. I was on the fast track to death. In fact, I would say my game was Russian Roulette.

I attempted suicide in 1994 and my mother put me in rehab. I stayed sober for a year then gladly picked up again. I spent the next 10 years becoming someone I couldn’t recognize. And someone I couldn’t face in the mirror. Somehow in the midst of it I met my husband, a non-drinker. He maligned my drinking for years, but the words and sad face didn’t get to me until 2005. I finally heard him, deep within my heart, and my hold on this alcoholic life broke. I stepped into AA once again.

This time I actually put effort, real effort into living the Program and working my Steps. I faced my demons and slated them with God at the helm. I gave over control to Him and became a changed person. And 3 years ago I got off pain killers for good. I suddenly had a personality again. I got online to find AA groups as my health deteriorated to the point where I wouldn’t be getting out in the world. I found you. A group to understand my woes and gripes, hold my hand through the tough times, and call me on the bull. I have developed a fellowship of friends, real friends that I can count on. And I know other people who daily live the Program of AA.

Not only is this Program called AA a miracle, I am a miracle.

Now, tell us about your experience with the miracle of AA.