Jul 03: Keep it all in Perspective

Keep it all in Perspective

Two days ago I celebrated 11 years sober. Honestly, it kind of snuck up on me! My daily life is filled with some pretty serious and devastating illnesses. My focus is always on them. That made me feel like I’d screwed up my priorities by pushing sobriety to the back burner. Yet, in truth, the reality is that I have to keep my perspective right, or priorities don’t even come into play. If I don’t keep my health condition in check, I can’t stay sober — crashing health-wise would send me straight to the bottle.

So, is my perspective right? It is now. I was loading up the guilt and laying stuff on me that just isn’t true.

Other things happen in life that can do the same thing, but I just refuse to pick up a drink! No matter what occurs in life, if I keep my perspective, I can make it through it, honestly, steady, committed, and yes, drink-free.

How is your perspective? Let’s hear about it.