Jul 17: Forgiving Ourselves

Forgiving Ourselves

For myself, this was a difficult journey, especially in the beginning. I had hurt so many people directly or indirectly by either cheating, stealing, lying, physically or emotionally hurting them, and losing my son for almost two years. The pain of all the chaos I had caused was overwhelming.

Only by praying to my Higher Power and working my program was I able to forgive myself a little bit at a time. It has not been an easy journey to do this, but well worth it. With perseverance and rigourous honesty, I have been able to work through all these issues.

Occasionally, a memory will come back to me even today, and I will pray for forgiveness again and, if possible, make amends.

We need to forgive ourselves in order to get better. Without self-forgiveness, we are constantly in a spiral of guilt.

So dear ladies, be kind to yourself and forgive yourself because God has. Please feel free to share how you are doing this and your progress. Let your Higher Power, AA, and your sponsor help you on your journey to wellness.