July 23: Tolerance

Topic for the week:  Tolerance, from p. 203, in ‘As Bill Sees It’ 

‘Gradually we began to be able to accept the other fellow’s sins as well as his virtues.We coined the potent and meaningful expression “Let us always love the best in others – and never fear their worst.” Grapevine, Jan. 1962

‘Finally, we began to see that all people, including ourselves, are to some extent emotionally ill as well as frequently wrong. When this happens, we approach true tolerance and we see what real love for our fellows actually means.” 12&12, p. 92

I have been an intolerant and judgmental person for most of my life. The long-term and often subtle messages on this from AA have slowly brought me to a feeling of acceptance for most of the human race. I’m not perfect! But I’ve learned that every person comes to their opinions and world view honestly, based upon their personal and family experience, cultural training, education and other reasons. This change has helped me see the real people behind the masks that we wear to fit in with other people in the world.

Please share your experiences of how AA has helped you become more tolerant of those different from yourself, or just in general about your experiences with becoming more tolerant of just about anything!