Jun 03: FEAR


I have come to realize that all my trouble with living has come from fear and smallness within me.
-Angela L. Wozniak

Good day ladies….this reading struck me when I read it and also this topic has come up a lot recently in my local meetings…FEAR.

-False Evidence Appearing Real
-F&$% Everything And Run
-Face Everything And Recover

I like these acronyms I’ve heard over the years! Very true in a lot of ways. I know that all my anger and any uncomfortable emotion comes from self-centered fear. I have removed myself from the sunlight of the spirit and remain alone…in the dark.

I do believe today I am responsible for my reality and I refuse to play the victim. Living in fear is truly no way to live…it is a harsh survival.

I fly airplanes throughout conflict zones in Africa and recently in Afghanistan…I do not let fear interfere with my outward life, and yet a friend asked me at a meeting what I was scared of…and I said emotional intimacy! I will blaze an empowered path for women and yet inside I can be a scared little girl afraid to be hurt!

I am grateful for this process of recovery/discovery to become more aware of myself. Once I am aware, I can be empowered and take action to let go of the fear and let in the miracles.

And I have many miracles in recovery to be grateful for.

Welcome to the new ladies…feel free to share or just “listen” for a while. I look forward to your shares this week on FEAR!