Jun 15: Willingness, Patience and Labor

Willingness, Patience and Labor

In looking for a topic, I found this paragraph from Chapter 11, A Vision For You, from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous (page 162-3.)

“Thus we grow. And so can you, though you be but one man with this book in your hand. We believe and hope it contains all you will need to begin. We know what you are thinking. You are saying to yourself: “I’m jittery and alone. I couldn’t do that.” But you can. You forget that you have just now tapped a source of power much greater than yourself. To duplicate, with such backing, what we have accomplished is only a matter of willingness, patience and labor.”

Willingness, patience and labor. These were skills that I did not possess prior to coming to these rooms. I was irritable and discontent, to say the least. I was rigid and impatient. I wasn’t doing to do any work. I did the minimum, I did enough to get by… I was afraid of failing, and I was afraid of succeeding. I didn’t realize that all my defects were rooted in fear. I don’t know where the fear came from. But as I drank more and more, the fear grew more and more.

I am so grateful that when I entered these rooms, I was desperate enough to follow suggestions. I was able to listen to what you all had to say. I didn’t have to pray to be willing, I didn’t have to pray to be patient. I was told that I had to do the work and it would happen. And it did. A miracle!

By working the steps, I have developed a relationship with the God of my understanding. I no longer feel alone. What a gift! What’s even better about this feeling I have today, is that it keeps growing. By doing the next right thing, the peace and serenity grows day to day… Some days it may not be as strong, but I don’t worry. I pray for willingness, patience and love. Life happens and today I trust that if I stay the course, I will be ok.

Please share on growing in willingness, patience and or labor. Or whatever may be on your mind. Thank you!