Mar 06: Personal Power/Powerlessness

Personal Power/Powerlessness

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines POWER as “the ability to act or produce an effect.” Real power is basically the ability to change something if you want to change it. It’s the ability to make change happen. Real power is unlimited — we don’t need to fight over it because there is plenty to go around. And the great thing about real power is our ability to create it. Real power doesn’t force us to take it away from others — it is something we CREATE and BUILD WITH OTHERS — (Understanding Shame, I thought it was just me, but it isn’t written by Brene’ Brown.)

I read those words and thought about a time in my life where the only changes I could make were which liquor I would buy — Change was something I was held captive by. But then I arrived into the rooms of AA and started living a new way of life. By working the steps with a sponsor (many times), I have been given the ability to make choices and to produce effect/s. I have power.

The Steps enable me to see things in a different perspective and give me the ability to change something if I want to change it. This definition of power struck me as an asset and something I want. I had the idea that in order to admit powerlessness I had to give up my personal power. I also had the idea that having personal power was at odds with humility. In order to have humility, I couldn’t have power. However, if I understand the definition in this light I can have both. I can admit defeat. I can admit I am powerless, but by the above definition that is the first step towards effecting change and to gaining personal power.

The topic I am suggesting is Power/powerlessness. (The great thing about real power is our ability to create it.)