Mar 12: What is Your Bubble to Stay Sober?

What is Your Bubble to Stay Sober?

So, it’s Saturday night and I went to acupuncture and the grocery store. Now, I’m home and I’m really perfectly content. My life as a sober alcoholic has changed a lot in how I deal with stress, how I socialize and who I socialize with. I really enjoy listening to a sobriety podcast called, “The Bubble Hour.” The name was chosen because of the idea that each of us have strategies that protect us, like a bubble, to keep us sober.

My bubble:

I’ve found my new happy hours after a stressful day of work: acupuncture or hot yoga. I’ve come to enjoy them more than I ever did drinking at happy hour and feel more relaxed afterwards…but I at first I resented it. My new habits, while healthier, sometimes seem boring and I wonder if I’m missing out. My Friday nights could be hot yoga, an AA meeting, a movie at home or a dinner at a friend’s house. I’ve relaxed into this flow. I find scheduling my week with my appts, AA meetings, exercise and a to-do list helps me. I try to start my day with meditation and prayer and listen to a podcast relating to sobriety while I’m getting ready for work.

Someone at a meeting recently said something that made sense, “You put together a good day.” It is kind of like that for me. I plan the activities and practices that will help me have a better week. The friends I have now happen to be non-drinkers or normal drinkers. I am not really around drinkers that much, so my activities with friends are going for coffee, meeting up for exercise, dinner…. I also like trying “fancy” nonalcoholic drinks like different flavored or sparking waters. Sometimes I even put them in a wine class.

It’s a different life, but I know I’m healthier. My focus is more on taking advantage of opportunities to try new events, rather than drinking wine at home alone (boring!!!). So really, what was so exciting about that life I’m ‘missing?’

My topic for this week is what is your bubble to stay sober? Hope you have a peaceful and sober week. – Jessica 6/28/16