May 13: About Experience

About Experience

Topic for the week: About Experience I have found that experience is the ONLY teacher, not just the BEST! I have also found that everything has a beginning and an ending, and that’s just the way it is! Everything in between is a composition (compilation) of what got me here!

Today I look back at all the experiences in my life – – -from the day I was born until now! They all comprise who I am today. At the time I thought a lot of those experiences were particularly icky and preferred not to go through them! Annnnnnnnnnnnd, what I have learned is that I have the most growth through adversity!

I found that my Higher Power had the “big plan” already laid out for me, so everything happened just the way it was planned ! I needn’t have tried to change ANY of it – –the original plan was perfect – – –and the way I tried to make it happen didn’t turn out so perfect!!! However it is what it is and today I am content with this!

Every morning after my meditation and prayer session I pray for guidance in WHATEVER is placed before me this day – – – – -there is generally a lesson my HP wants me to learn; so I put one foot in front of the other and put all my attention at the lesson at hand! If it is something that doesn’t please me, I go through it at the pace my HP wants me to go, knowing it is the BEST thing for me today! I am NEVER led wrong by my HP today. And all it took was many lessons in trust before I gave myself entirely to my HP!

I owe my life today to the Program and Fellowship to Alcoholics Anonymous! What a gift!!!

I look forward to your shares on how you perceive the experiences in your life – – — or anything else, relating to recovery, that you need to share on.

ACCEPTING AND ENJOYING WHAT IS! I hope you all are, too! Why not?

Susanne Murphys, CA 8/17/91