May 22: Making Amends

Making Amends

Making amends is something that has stopped me in my tracks. The thought of making direct amends sets off every alarm in my brain. I have heard people share about “cleaning their side of the street” and of blessings they have received as a result of their willingness to do this step. I pray to God for willingness, but only half heartedly.

So, this week I would like to invite those who made amends and those who have not to share on this step. I always hear people share about their thorough amends and I am aware that the program says without this step we will likely drink again…. that is why I want to hear from the group how they have worked this step or not worked it – I don’t want to drink again.

I am looking forward to your shares on the topic or whatever else may be floating around in your mind. Thanks for allowing me to chair the meeting.