Nov 04: Amends


A mend is a tear of fabric never looks like it did, but can be stronger than it was originally.

It’s like that in the fabric of my life, too. When I think about making amends, I have to recognize the behaviors that were hurtful to me and others (step 4/5), and then I had to stop doing those behaviors (step 6/7) eventually some of those behaviors have even become objectionable. 🙂 Then I became willing to be honest with those people in my life that I had harmed.

An amend isn’t an I am sorry. An amend is about what I need to be, who I need to be, to make it right for YOU. The beauty of ALL my amends is that I have already changed in the process of steps 4 thru 7. They can see that it’s not just about “I’m sorry.”

What mends have you made in the fabric of your lives?