Nov 19: Working the Program

Working the Program

Hi all. I learned a very important lesson in the last month so I thought I’d share. I have a few things I do consistently to work my program. I call/text my sponsor every day. I commit to 3 weekly F2F meetings. I do a daily meditation and post it to an AA Facebook page. And I do my daily readings on here.

About 3 week’s ago, I started getting complacent. I skipped some F2F meetings. I wasn’t consistent with my sponsor. I wasn’t reading my daily GROW emails. It didn’t take long before I landed myself in the hospital. I was only 1 step away from relapse. I’m not saying I wouldn’t have ended up in the hospital if I had been faithful to my program but I sure would’ve had a better chance. That incident showed me how important it really is to continue working my program to the best of my ability.

What are some things you do to consistently work your program? Thanks all! Have a great week!