Nov 24: AA and God

Tools in AA that are parallel to tools in my Christian walk:
Take a day at a time; worrying today is interest that may never need to be collected.
Have the faith that God will always be there for me. Wherever I travel AA will be there for me.
I do not have to face anything on my own, God proves over and over he will be there for me. AA is a we program. People in the rooms keep me sober.
AA is my strength, God is my strength.
AA works if you work the program, God works if you believe in him.
Alcohol is the enemy. The secular way of the world is the enemy.
The more we read the Big Book the more we understand about alcoholism and how to live a joyful content life. The more we read the Bible the more we learn about God’s word and how to live a joyful content life.
What is a God shot we hear in AA versus Divine intervention?
The longer I am sober and the longer I hang out in the rooms of AA whether it is f2f meetings or online meetings, I experience the promises of AA as I have experienced the promises of God.
I would love to hear of your similarities in AA and God.