Oct 02: Accepting Hardship as a Pathway to Peace

Accepting Hardship as a Pathway to Peace

I start many mornings with the long version of the serenity prayer, there is one section I find particularly meaningful: “…Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardship as the pathway to peace.”

In the past, I have typically viewed challenges of any size to be my personal burden. I carried the world’s problems on my shoulders and assumed that if my life wasn’t perfect there must be something wrong with me. I beat myself up constantly, all day, every day. This negative circle of thinking lead me to many emotional and physical problems, the least of which was turning outside of myself to soothe (and numb) my aching, bruised up soul.

Since my sobriety began joining AA and GROW almost 2 years ago, I am beginning to look at life and my role in it so differently. When I read the words “accepting hardship as the pathway to peace” in the morning, my entire being lets out a huge sigh of relief! Just like working out to improve my body’s muscles at the gym, each day I am building my emotional and spiritual ‘muscles’ by accepting all of the issues that inevitably crop up as a routine part of life. Regardless of the size or type of challenge (currently my job and a few painful marital issues), I understand I can face them head on, arm in arm with my HP. I start by admitting my part, then plowing forward with the necessary amends and/or action. I also realize now there are many troubles that I can simply just accept as is.

It’s certainly not always an easy path, but I’m becoming stronger and more confident as I soldier through each hill (or mountain!) in front of me. The rewards are magnificently worth it, I find encouragement and comfort knowing the hardship pathway can lead me to peace and serenity.

Please share your thoughts about these words, and if this specific part of the prayer helps you too!

Thank you lovely ladies of GROW, Susan P.