Oct 07: Emotional Jail

Emotional Jail

“Many people are living in an emotional jail without recognizing it.” – Virginia Satir

The quote above jumped out at me. It reminded me that once we put down the booze and whatever else … our pursuit is for sanity, serenity and emotional sobriety. However, these things do not come naturally to me. I feel more comfortable with drama, chaos, tragedy & sadness. I’ve talked about the “big 5” before…I have used and abused: alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, sex and food. Of course I have been off the first 2 for 8 years now but I have struggled with the other 3 over the years.

A recent song has a line that I like……”we can be addicted to a certain kind of sadness…” How true for me. I can create situations or thoughts that keep me in darkness and sadness.

As I journey through recovery I have learned that my shadow self are my wounds…I’ve learned rule 62…not to take myself so damn seriously! To reach out when I’m in an unhealthy mind frame. Healthy tools to deal with uncomfortable emotions. My mind can bind me emotionally.

I look forward to your shares about this subject in sobriety or whatever else is going on in your recovery.