Oct 08: The Path – Surrendering

The Path – Surrendering

“Rarely have we seen a person fail who has thoroughly followed our path.”

I have been thinking about this statement a lot lately. My sponsor recently sat with me and read the whole chapter. The thoroughly part often gets me. I’m pretty good at sitting on the fence. I’m also decent at regurgitating the “right” answer. But thoroughly…that’s hard. Thoroughly is about surrendering over and over. It’s about facing my secrets and facing my demons. Thoroughly is looking at me. No B.S. Today I walked a 1/2 marathon with two friends. The path was laid out for us. All we had to do was follow the path. There was support and aid along those 13.1 miles. BUT no one could walk the path for me. It was up to me to march forward. To complete the course. I did it. It wasn’t exactly pretty. And neither is my life journey. But I want what the old timers have. I am willing more then ever to press on. So it’s about surrendering my will and staying on course–on the beam.

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