Oct 31: Tenth Step Inventory

Tenth Step Inventory

“As we work the first nine Steps we prepare ourselves for the adventure of a new life. But when we reach Step 10 we commence to put our AA way of living to practical use, day by day, in fair weather or foul. Then comes the acid test; can we stay sober, keep in emotional balance, and live to good purpose under all conditions?”

Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, p. 88

Since the day I began the Steps with my GROW sponsor, I have done a 10th Step at night and started my day with prayers. My initial 10th Step practice included two questions that have been critical to my spiritual development and emotional sobriety: Have I demonstrated courage and have I expressed my creativity.

Over time I have added different inventories, including one that my partner and I do together. But the habit of starting and ending my day with a focus on my Program has been the backbone of my sobriety. No matter where I am, I take this practice with me.

There was a time no too long ago when I hit the ground each morning in a state of panic or dread. I think of my 10th Step as the frame for each 24 hour period. Knowing that I will be checking in with myself daily helps keeps me Program focused, “under all conditions.”

I’d love to hear how you practice the 10th Step. How has it helped you maintain emotional balance and live to good purpose under all conditions? As always, please feel free to share whatever else is on your heart this week.

Thank you for allowing me to be of service.