Sep 02: To Thine Own Self Be True

To Thine Own Self Be True

Lately I’ve been quiet in this room, though not quiet in my own brain with recovery-type work. Through FaceBook, I’ve been participating in a support group for survivors of traumatic brain injury, and I’m experiencing some healing in a way I could not have if I didn’t know the Program.

Although a quote from Shakespeare (Hamlet) and not the Big Book, to thine own self be true is a phrase AA has adopted. For example, I’ve seen it on posters on the walls of our room.

I recently purchased a coffee mug from an AA gift shop with the phrase imprinted on it. Above the phrase is a bunch of fish, all but one the same color and going in the same direction. I got this particular mug because this phrase unveiled a bunch of little realizations in my brain about what the phrase to thine own self be truemeans to me.

It didn’t just say to me that it’s okay to be different; it tells me that other people’s attitudes, words, or behaviors do not determine my value. It reminds me that yes, really!, it is okay to be unique. With my value settled, I can move on to being the authentic person I am supposed to be–a person in recovery.

This week, please comment on what the phrase to thine own self be true means to you; or, as always, write about what you need to write about.

Thank you for being here and helping me in my recovery.