Sep 06: The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous

I’d like to suggest that we talk about the Big Book and how it has influenced/affected our recovery. I feel fortunate that when I first came into AA, I attended several meetings that emphasized the Big Book and the Steps (the core of the Program for me). Some of my favorite meetings have been Big Book meetings where we read and share through the entire Big Book, including the stories at the back. My favorite passage in the Big Book is “How It Works” (Ch 5). At the very first AA meeting I attended (I was there because I was trying to learn how to live with the people in my life who were drinking WAY too much!!!), I was asked to read that passage. My response as I looked at the two page document was, “The whole thing?” I read it and was deeply touched and moved and saw how MUCH I fit into the description of the alcoholic and felt hopeful as I read about what it takes to achieve and maintain sobriety. Almost immediately after I finished reading that passage, the Chairperson asked if there was anyone attending their very first AA meeting. I was able to raise my hand and say, “I’m Susan, and I’m an alcoholic.” And, that began my journey in sobriety.

Please share on how the Big Book has affected your sobriety / recovery … or whatever is on your mind/heart at this time. Thanks for participating.