0422 – Proposal 1: Trusted Servant Membership Requirements

Proposal 1: Assign “qualifying GROW membership” to TS positions for which this requirement has not been specified. Required membership in GROW will be equal to the length of the term of office.

Requirement for membership in GROW equal to the term of office will be assigned to the following Trusted Servant Position Descriptions:

  • 12th Step Listkeeper – 6 months
  • Birthday Listkeeper – 6 months
  • Sponsor Listkeeper – 6 months
  • General Service Representative (GSR) – 21 years
  • Grapevine Representative (GVR) – 1 year
  • Greeter – 1 year
  • OIAA Representative – 1 year

Summary of Comments
Results of Voting

Rationale In compiling the “Comparison Chart,” we identified several positions for which no requirement for length of GROW membership had been assigned. To make all TS requirements consistent and reduce confusion about GROW membership requirements, this proposal corrects that omission by assigning a value equal to the term of office for each position.

We will discuss this proposal during the first 3-day session. Please send your comments to grow-business@oso-aa.org or to me privately before midnight (your time) on Monday, April 4th.

danna M
GROW Business Meeting Chair

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Summary of Comments

Eleven participants commented on Proposal 1. No one opposed the proposal, but more than half disagreed with the proposed requirement for length of membership in GROW for the General Services Representative. Feeling that a requirement for two years’ membership in GROW was unreasonable, they wanted to reduce that to one year.

There seemed to be general agreement that the six-month requirement for the three six-month term Trusted Servants is appropriate. However, one person felt that 12th Step Volunteer Listkeeper should have been in GROW for at least a year.

There were a few participants who wanted to shorten the membership requirements proposed for the OIAA Rep, Grapevine Rep, and Greeter from one year to six months.

Given the interest in addressing specific positions and the lack of general consensus for many of the positions, the Chair is extending the discussion period through the second 3-day period when we will discuss the preferred required length of GROW membership for specific positions.

Extended discussion:

During the second 3-day session, very few people commented on the proposed GROW membership requirement for Trusted Servant positions beyond the GSR. The two people that did comment supported the proposed terms of office.

In the third 3-day session of our meeting, we will vote on Proposal 1 which will reflect the GROW membership requirement for the GSR from at one year.

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Results of Voting

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